About Us

Since 2009, Ann Rademaker has been keeping people and pets together. Ann started Register My Service Animal to help people with disabilities or anxiety/depression understand their pet’s access rights provided by the Federal Fair Housing Act and Americans with Disabilities Act. By registering pets as Emotional Support or Service Animals, we have enabled thousands of people to keep their pets in pet restricted housing and avoid pet deposits.

Ann has partnered with Parrots for Patriots and NW Parrot Rescue for over 10 years. We provide customized Parrot ID Cards for Veterans to support the mission of these organizations.

Several months ago, Chris was on a long road trip doing what he always does, rescuing parrots. We ended up speaking on the phone for a couple of hours. I mentioned I was looking for a new cat and that adopting a pet was like reviewing internet dating profiles. I made the suggestion to Chris that he should take this approach with parrots to easily categorize people with compatible parrots and streamline the adoption process. Since most male parrots prefer a female owner, the suggestion was to categorize male parrots seeking women, etc., to bring a fun and fresh approach to parrot adoption.