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Covid-19 Guidance

CLICK HERE TO REGISTER COVID-19 GUIDANCE FOR HANDLERS OF SERVICE AND THERAPY ANIMALS UPDATED JUNE 16, 2020 We are still learning about the virus that causes COVID-19, but it appears that animals can get COVID-19 as the virus can spread from people to animals in some situations. CDC is aware of a small number of…

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What are the Service Animal requirements?

What is a service animal? A service animal is any dog that is individually trained to do work or perform tasks for the benefit of an individual with a disabilty, including a physical, sensory, psychiatric, intellectual, or other mental disability. SERVICE ANIMAL REQUIREMENTS Step 1: Disability Certification The first step to register your animal is…

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The Benefits of Therapy Animals

What is a Therapy Animal? Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to individuals in public and private facilities. These animals can help in many ways and are most commonly used in nursing homes, schools, counseling, and autistic support programs. Therapy animals do not have the same rights as Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, such…

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Service Animals – Disabilities Are Not Always Visible

More Than Just a Pet More Than Just a Pet – Service Animals Assist People with Many Types of Disabilities.   Have you ever heard of a service animal? Most people are familiar with service animals such as guide dogs for those who are sight impaired and hearing dogs for those who are hearing impaired.…

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What to do When Denied Service Dog Access

Register My Service Animal often receives calls asking what to do if a business does not allow service animal access. Individuals that do not have service dogs are not always familiar with the ADA laws and the legal rights of people that rely on service dog. Here are some suggestions for how to handle a situation…

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Things to Know When Traveling With Your Service or Support Animal Using AirBnB

AirBnB has become popular with travelers in recent years, and for good reason! The location options, ease of use, and overall unique experience is something that all members of a family (including their assistance animals) can appreciate. AirBnB policy considers assistance animals to include both Service Dogs and Emotional Support Dogs. What is a Service Animal?…

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