Clip On Patches

Clip On Patches help identify your pet as an Emotional Support Animal, Service Animal, Diabetic Alert Service Dog, Therapy Animal, PTSD Service Dog, etc. These service pet tags are double sided with clear writing on both sides making it easy to read. The patches are durable and easy to clip on to vests, collars, harnesses, carriers, bags, etc. The Clip On Patches have a swivel snap hook that make it easy to apply to anything. The patches measure approximately 3 inches around. The Clip On Badges help alert the public that your pet is a working animal. Some patches include broad terminology such a “Service Animal” while some include specific labels, such as PTSD Service DOG. Another clip on patch reads Diabetic Alert dog, which helps notify people the condition your dog helps with in case of any emergency. Emotional Support Animal and Therapy Animal Clip on Patches can be used for cats, dogs, pigs, horses, ferrets, rabbits, etc.

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