Therapy Animal

Therapy Animals are animals that help assist people with different conditions. They can be dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, etc. They are often times taken to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, etc., to assist others. Our Therapy Dog patches can be ironed on or sewn on to vests or pet clothing to help identify them. The Therapy Dog ID tags serve as visuals that make it very convenient when taking the Therapy Animals out in public. Therapy Animals sometimes wear vests, harnesses, leashes, sweaters, etc., and these Therapy Dog patches can be put on those as customization. Included are Therapy Animal Please Pet Me patch that has red trim. Therapy Cat Please Pet Me available in orange, red, pink, and blue. Therapy Horse patch with red trim. All three patches have silhouette of dog, cat and horse. One patch is an aqua blue that reads “Therapy Dog Please Pet Me” with black paw print. Therapy Animal patches are round, approximately 3 inches.

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