Registration types for Service Dogs, Emotional Support Animals, and Therapy Animals. The regular service animal documents package includes 2 ID Cards, a Certificate of Registration, and a tag for the collar. The Travel Kit includes a vest, leash, and badge holder as well. Registration is done under Federal Law and help identify your pet as a working animal. Registration is valid for 5 years and comes with inclusion into our Register My Service Animal database. Service Dogs are protected under the American With Disabilities Act (ADA) and Emotional Support Animals are protected under the Fair Housing Act. Service Animals are animals trained to perform a task to help with a diagnosed medical disability. An Emotional Support Animal ID Card and Registration can be purchased for any domestic animal.  They do not require any specific training by federal law. The registration is commonly purchased for a dog, cat, horse, rabbit, ferret, bird, pig, goat, bearded dragon and guinea pig, etc. Therapy Animal Registrations are used for any animal intended to help others. They are used to visit nursing home, schools, hospitals, etc. This service animal documentation package helps identify working animals and are convenient documents used for travel.

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