Staying at Hotel with Service Animal

Staying at Hotel with Service Animal


Service Animals are allowed to stay in a hotel and are protected under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).  There is no restriction on breed or size of dog. The hotel is not allowed to charge any pet related fees for a Service Animal. You are responsible if any damage is caused during the hotel stay.

Your Service Animal must be well behaved and not cause any disturbance to other guests.   As a courtesy, always tell the hotel in advance you are traveling with a service animal.  Some hotels have designated rooms that are used for guests accompanied with a  service animal.

Some hotels allow Emotional Support Animals, but they are not required by federal law to accept them.

The hotel can ask you what service is provided by your dog.  They are not allowed to ask detailed questions about your disability.  You are not required to show them a doctor’s note.

If your request to have a service animal in your room is denied, please ask to speak to the hotel manager.  Some staff may not be familiar with the laws.  Generally, the hotel manager will be able to correct any misunderstandings.   If you continue to have issues with the hotel, you can contact the corporate offices.

If the hotel continues to deny your request and the situation escalates, you have the option to call the local police for guidance.  Always try to resolve the issue with hotel management. Avoid threatening to call an attorney or filing a lawsuit during the initial communications because this will escalate the situation.

Having your Service Animal registered does limit confrontations in public.  Please contact Register My Service Animal at (480) 575-5655 if you are interested in registering your animals or any support products including Service Animal vest, Service Animal leash, and patches.