Customer Reviews for Register My Service Animal, LLC




Kathy in Grand Rapids, MI

It feels like dream coming true for me. You have changed my life. Your were so helpful and you customer service is excellent. I would recommend your company to anyone that wants to register their dog. Thank you again for all your help. 

Linda in San Francisco, CA

The ID cards have already come in handy as I took my service dog to a hotel this week. No questions were asked and I did not have to pay any pet fees. Thank you so much for your quick service.

John in Tampa, FL

I now take my dog everywhere. Thank you for expediting my order. 

William in Boise. ID

I wish I knew about your company years ago. Glad I found you. Staff was helpful and made sure I was ordering the correct registraton


Rick in Seattle, WA

Thank you for explaining my rights under the Fair Housing Act to me. Now I can keep my cat even though the apartment does not allow pets. You have changed my life. 

Susan in Chicago, IL

Just received my Emotional Support registration and vest in the mail. Your product is excellent. We are very pleased with the quality and service provided. I highly recommend your company to anyone that is looking for any service animal ID card.

Richard in New York City

Your registration arrived in the mail today. Everything looks great. Just want to say thank you for all your help.

Jill in San Diego, CA

I moved to a new city and did not have a therapist to contact for an Emotional Support Animal letter. I used your therapist referral service and received my letter from licensed therapist within 24 hours. Thank you for offering this service.


Jean in Charlotte, NC

I registered my teacup pig (Wilbur) as a Therapy Animal. We have been visiting schools and nursing homes. Wilbur brings smiles and laughter to so many people.

Anthony in Scottsdale, AZ

I am a psychiratrist and having my dog in the room during therapy sessions has made it easier for patients to share their feelings.