The Benefits of Therapy Animals

What is a Therapy Animal?

Therapy animals provide affection and comfort to individuals in public and private facilities, showcasing the therapeutic benefits of animals. These animals can help in many ways and are most commonly used in nursing homes, schools, counseling, and autistic support programs, effectively highlighting the pets’ therapeutic effects.

Therapy animals do not have the same rights as Service Animals and Emotional Support Animals, such as no-pet housing and airline travel.

Here are some of the benefits of Therapy Animals:

Physical Health Benefits:
  • releases endorphins that have a soothing effect
  • improves cardiovascular health
  • the phsyical act of petting can produce an automatic relaxation response, sometimes reducing the need for medication
  • lowers blood pressure
Mental Health Benefits:
  • lowers anxiety
  • encourages communication
  • promotes socialization
  • provides comfort
  • creates motivation
  • reduces loneliness and promotes positive relationships
Physical Therapy Benefits:
  • improves motor skills
  • increases recovery time
  • provides motivation for physical goals

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