Traveling on Domestic Airlines with Two Service Animals

Traveling on Domestic Airlines with Two Service Animals

Individuals with disabilities may commonly have more than one Service Animal. Typically, an older dog serves as the primary service provider, while a younger dog acts as the secondary one.

When traveling with two Service Animals, it’s crucial to know which airlines permit both to accompany you in the cabin. Airlines such as American, Delta, United, and Alaska allow two Service Animals on domestic flights. It’s always best to confirm with the airline before booking to ensure you understand their policies and any limitations.

Passengers with Service Animals are required by U.S. airlines to fill out a Department of Transportation (DOT) form. This form can be found on each airline’s website, and they will instruct you to submit it either to them or to an affiliated organization. A sample of the form is viewable on our website under the section ‘Service Animal & Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Airlines Rules’ at Service Animal & Emotional Support Animal (ESA) Airlines Rules (

Should an airline ask for a description of the tasks performed by your Service Animal, it is essential to provide a detailed response in complete sentences.

Examples of services provided by Service Animals include:

– My dog is trained to nudge me when I have a panic attack so that I sit down
– My dog licks me when my blood sugar is high, so I check my insulin level
– My dog is trained to nudge me when it is time to take my medication
– If I fall, my dog will lean against me and assist me to stand up

If your dog is a Service Animal, you should avoid using terms like anxiety or depression to describe the service provided, as these are associated with Emotional Support Animals.

While not legally required, Service Animal registration and a vest can offer benefits, such as reducing public confrontations. Register My Service Animal offers registration and support products, including vests, leashes, patches, and bandanas for Service Dogs.

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