Where Can I Take an Emotional Support Animal?

Where Can I Take an Emotional Support Animal?

Shopping and Restaurants:   ESAs are allowed into stores by courtesy and not by law.  Your pet must be well behaved in public.   No formal training is required.   ESAs are not allowed inside restaurants due to Health Code regulations, but are often welcome to join their pet owner on outside patio.

Housing:  Emotional Support Animals (ESA) are protected under the Federal Fair Housing Act.   If your housing is classified as four units or more (condos, apartments, mobile home parks, co-ops, etc.) you can keep you ESA even if the development does not allow pets.  The property owner cannot charge pet rent or pet deposits.  You are liable if your pet causes any damage.

Airline Travel:  ESAs can travel in the cabin of the plane as a cabin pet.  The laws were changed in 2021 and airlines no longer allow ESAs to travel for free and sit on the handler’s lap.  Although you will need to pay a cabin pet fee, your pet will not be separated.    Always check with the airline to confirm your pet is an approved animal that can fly on an airline.   Make your reservations early.

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